News from the National Woman’s Party national monument in Washington, DC


The National Woman’s Party (NWP) Photograph Collection has a  catalog of over 5,000 prints and photographs chronicling the suffrage and equal rights movements. Ranging from 1887 to the present day, the images feature the members and political activities of the NWP; the process of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment; the formation of the World Woman’s Party and numerous other topics including the political tactics of the NWP from 1916 to 1920. These include sharply worded banners, political symbols, and colorful regalia to stage visually charged protests.

Photography agencies with a political focus, such as Harris & Ewing, took many photographs of suffrage parades, pickets, arrests, and hunger strikes. The publicity generated from these images brought attention to the cause on a national and, eventually, international scale. The photograph collection is being cataloged and digitized. For information on how to conduct research or to request reproductions of specific images, please email: for events during February and March 2018 on the web site:


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