Special report about Seneca Falls women’s rights conference in 1848!

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If you’re expecting Seneca Falls, NY to be like Disneyland, you’ll be disappointed. The town and its past is better suited to an introduction to how women’s history and American history intersect. And those interested include regular tourists as well as those who view their travel as a journey or a pilgrimage to the roots of our history as a nation. There’s a special report, now available on the web site of the Women’s Rights National Historic Park, that will give you a shot in the arm of understanding the significance of the 1848 women’s rights convention. And if you’re headed to Seneca Falls in the future, it’s a recommended read before you leave town.

The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention and the Origins of the Women’s Rights Movement, a special report by Dr. Judith Wellman, puts the conference into perspective and adds to other discussions about whether or not the 1848 convention was all people claimed it to be. There had been stirrings about women’s rights long before 1848, but Wellman notes that the Seneca Falls convention marks the “beginning of the organized women’s rights movement.”

The Seneca Falls gathering set the model for women’s conventions. It nailed the theme of the movement, that is, the connection between women’s rights and the nation’s founding ideals. Seneca Falls set the agenda for the suffrage movement and modeled methods for moving toward the goal of equality. In short, Seneca Falls was a “pivotal” event, one that Wellman argues in a comprehensive report, a perspective that’s also reflected in her 2004 book, The Road to Seneca Falls; Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the First Woman’s Rights Convention.

Read the special report. Find out what else is being said about Seneca Falls, such as the work, The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women’s Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898 by Lisa Tetrault. And take into consideration what’s going on in Seneca Falls, NY during 2015, such as Convention Days in July. And check out the special program about Seneca Falls at Suffrage Wagon Cafe in June. Seneca Falls, NY is expected to be a hot spot for travelers during the 2017 New York suffrage centennial. Get a jumpstart now!

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