A Call to Action about the 2020 suffrage centennial—Gazette from NWHP published!

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“How Women Won the Vote” is the theme of the National Women’s History Project’s “Gazette,” a 24-page special issue. It includes a valuable “Call to Action” to alert citizens from coast to coast to get ready for the 2020 national suffrage centennial. A single copy is free. A total of 25 copies can be purchased for $10 from the NWHP store online.

The National Women’s History Project’s 2017 special edition devoted to the women’s suffrage grassroots movement is a pivotal and groundbreaking marker in time alerting Americans to write women back into history. This has been the vision of the NWHP for the past 35 years.

The “Call to Action” editorial doesn’t mention the debates that will inevitably surface with the passage of time on the national level. The focus instead is on recognizing the significance of this dramatic social movement and rally individuals and organizations to recognize our history for what it is—all of it. There is a great deal to acknowledge. The Gazette editorial reads in part:

“The Women’s Suffrage Centennial honors this specific part of American history. We encourage celebrations to keep the focus on the women who won the vote and not leave them behind in discussions of contemporary history. The anniversary is not the time for such general approaches as ‘women in America’ or ‘women in protest.’ Rather, it should mark the start of many shows, exhibits, discussions and art on the historic and spiritual importance of multicultural suffragists…”

To keep a 2020 national suffrage commission focused on history rather than politics will be a challenge. Some political operatives are already turning the 2020 national centennial into an ideological battleground with the appointment of those who will serve on the commission. It wasn’t long ago that most Americans didn’t understand the meaning of or they couldn’t pronounce the word “suffrage.” Even fewer were aware of what it meant. This is changing.

Don’t forget that the “How Women Won the Vote” issue is available for bulk distribution through the National Women’s History Project’s store. Prior issues of the NWHP’s publication have been popular among educators and organizations.

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