Will the current controversy impact the 2020 suffrage centennial?

It’s a good thing that the 2020 centennial celebration of the victory for votes for women is well into the future. Otherwise the current controversy surrounding the proposed women’s history museum in the nation’s Capitol could be troubling. It’s still possible for the unresolved issues of related projects and programs to work themselves out. Or are the positions set in cement? Unfortunately the rough spots that need addressing are serious. The proposed women’s history museum controversy is reminiscent of the battles fought within the suffrage ranks before the turn of the 20th century. A History News Network posting summarizes the issues. The good news from the article:

“Though barely half a century old, the field of women’s history has emerged as one of the key specialties in the historical profession. Women’s historians mount regular scholarly conferences and publish leading journals. The field boasts practitioners who have reached the highest ranks of scholarly distinction as professors in top-flight institutions and presidents of scholarly societies. Women’s history is a recognized, an essential, part of the American past, a field that every university worth its salt needs to offer and that more and more high school curricula now include.”

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