Play Dress up during women suffrage centennial celebrations!

Suffrage centennials can creep up on anyone, even those following the topic. And wearing period dress is one way to deal with this challenge. I am looking for something simple, like a cape and a hat, because dressing in period costume can turn into a project. But between now and 2020, there’s a great deal to consider. Do a search online and many web sites with a period style theme pop up. Or you can make something yourself. I’ve seen some great outfits at women’s rights conferences.

The images posted here are from a web site called Recollections. I’m on their website newsletter list. Right now there’s a sale going on. My suffrage activist grandmother, Edna Buckman Kearns, would have dressed herself in clothes from the Eduardian period.

Period films seem to have a knack for modifying period dress and merging it with contemporary tastes. I have enough photos of suffrage activists over the 72-year period it took for women to win the right to vote to enroll in a community college class to adapt styles from the past. And there are historical patterns on the market too. Will I do it? That’s still to be seen.

Have fun with dressing up. The year 2020 will be the time to strut your stuff.

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