Help with the Equal Rights Amendment!

The work is ongoing to push toward the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment on or before 2020 when U.S. women will have been voting for 100 years. In the above video, Honorable Rep.Lou Lang, sponsor of ERA in the Illinois House, shares his optimistic perspective on the ERA.

The ERA passed the Illinois Senate and it is still to go before the state House. There is a virtual phone bank for the ERA. Ratify ERA Illinois activists have set up virtual, open phone banks for the 10 top priority target districts in Illinois. Volunteers can call from anywhere. All you need is a computer and a phone. You will be calling friendly voters who live in the target districts, asking them to call their state reps. and advocate for the ERA. And ask them to attend the Rally in Springfield (IL) on May 8.

Phone numbers and scripts are all provided. Fill out this form and instructions will be emailed to you. Here’s the Facebook event about it: Virtual Phone Bank for the ERA


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