Which state is next for a suffrage centennial celebration before 2020, the national centennial?

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U.S. states with women’s suffrage centennial celebrations! on Vimeo.

Four states have upcoming suffrage centennial observances: New York, Michigan, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

The following states have already celebrated their centennials of women winning the vote prior to 1920: Wyoming (1890), Colorado (1893), Utah (1896), Idaho (1896), Washington (1910), California (1911), Arizona (1912), Kansas and Oregon (1912). Montana and Nevada observed one hundred years of women voting in 2014 with special events, projects and activities. New York’s centennial celebration is scheduled for 2017, with Michigan, Oklahoma and South Dakota to follow. And there’s the upcoming national suffrage centennial in 2020.

VIDEOS WORTH WATCHING AGAIN: Message from Dr. Helen Pankhurst to American women voters. Support the women’s suffrage memorial planned outside of Washington, DC. Celebrate women’s freedom to vote. Don’t overlook the importance of 2015 in NYS suffrage history, as well as three other states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Walk in the shoes of our ancestors!

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