Audio reading from 1915 book, “How it Feels to be the Husband of a Suffragette”: Suffrage Centennial Special!

Rory Michael O’Sullivan reads from the 1915 work, “How it Feels to be the Husband of a Suffragette” by George Him, a special of

The entire book in the public domain can be found online.

Husbands of suffrage activists had a high profile in 1915, even it involved a spoof on the men of the movement. Dating back to 1848, men were involved in Votes for Women advocacy. Frederick Douglass is a prime example, although Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s husband found excuses to be out of town during the Seneca Falls convention of 1848. A total of 32 men signed the Declaration of Sentiments. Men belonged to suffrage associations and they formed their own support organizations.

The Men’s League for Woman Suffrage dates back to 1910. And the membership rolls of the National Men’s League could boast of 20,000. Some state legislators could be counted on to submit legislation on the state and federal levels. And the work of many suffrage activists involved lobbying men to vote for various legislative proposals. The National Women’s History Project has a quiz called “Men who Supported Women’s Rights.”

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