ERA fails in Virginia. When planning for 2020, consider a party for Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday!


The ERA momentum failed in Virginia. The ERA ratification movement is looking toward Arizona and North Carolina. Supporters say that 80 percent of the Virginia electorate supported equal rights for women in the US Constitution. However, their elected officials voted not to go on the record for equality.

With the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment coming up in 2020, women across the nation will be hearing mixed messages about the rite of passage associated with anniversaries. With the news coming in so far, some observers are suggesting that American women should be buckling their seat belts in preparation.


Susan B. Anthony will be 200 years old in 2020. If you’re planning for 2020, the national suffrage centennial, a birthday party for Susan B. Anthony is consistent with the observances being scheduled now. It can be a fun party, a fundraiser, or a feature at your conference. There are plenty of resources online.

And while you’re at it, contribute to the Turning Point Suffrage Memorial. It will be opening in 2020 and what you give now will make a difference. Some of the plans have changed since this video, but it still gives a peek at some of the planning underway. By the way, more activists than Susan B. Anthony will be honored in the Memorial.

VIDEO: Be on the Cutting Edge with your Support of the Suffragist Memorial! on Vimeo. is a partner with Vision 2020.

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